February 14


UDEMY-website kids can learn online

By Taiwo Lawal

February 14, 2022

In this article, I will be talking about a website where kids can learn coding, graphics design, and so on. the website is

  1. udemy.com
  • udemy is an online platform where young kids can learn how to code, learn javascript & CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), video editing, photography, and tech skills and it is broken down into different courses which are easier to understand it is also provided with different resources you can download and learn.
  • It is a paid course which you can learn with an amount as low as ₦3200.
  • I will be sharing some courses you can start learning after purchasing, here are some of them
  • You can learn Programming for Kids here
  • Here kids can learn AI(Artificial Intelligent) here
  • you can check out the website above for interesting courses.


Taiwo Lawal

About the author

I am a young Nigerian that likes graphics, coding, and computer.

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