What’s your 2022 Goal?

       Mine is to turn my mindfulness inward!!!

What is a smart goal

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Know exactly what you want.

Define your goals as clearly as you can, this way you will know what to do to get what you want.

A goal that is more specific is easily achievable.


Break your goals down into measurable units.

This will help you to keep track and know if you have reached your goal.


Your goal has to be achievable.

You have to make your goal a reasonable one

Ask yourself “is it in your power to achieve this goal”


Think about how much the goal is relevant to you.

Also, can you realistically achieve this goal?

If it is stopping you from achieving other goals then you have to focus on the ones that has more value and require less effort.


Ask yourself ” When do you want to achieve this goal”

Give yourself a deadline that you want to achieve the goal, this will help to keep you on track.

Make a blueprint. Time is money













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