First, what is a Google drive?

A Google drive is a file storage service developed by Google where you can access or upload your photos, certificate, data, etc.

Now I will be talking about How TO Access Your Google Drive Having A Google Account For Beginners, as I am sure you will be having a google account and if you don’t you have to sign In to google first.

Having signed in google will give you a free 15GB of storage to access, and it is shared among Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. With that, you can access the drive.

Besides after signing In, then I can show you how you can locate your drive.


  • Go to a new webpage.
  • Then you type the URL:
  • Then it takes you to a page where you will see MY DRIVE.
  • If you click on MY DRIVE there you can upload any file into it and it saves automatically.


  1. You can access it anywhere anytime.
  2. It can be used as a classroom for Teachers and Students.
  3. It can be used to do any kind of assignment, test, and quiz.
  4. Instead of keeping your file on laptop or Flash drive your file will be stored on google drive

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